Diabetes Health – Keep Happy

Diabetes Health – Keep Happy

Diabetes HealthDiabetes health – keep  happy have long been associated as a way to help the diabetic.  Of course there is no actual happy pill that you can take that will alleviate stress or other negative influences that affect your blood glucose levels but there are certain feel good things that you can do on a daily basis that will help put you in a better frame of mind which in turn will help control your BGL.

Researches have proved that certain aspects of our daily life have a positive effect on our moods.  In fact they know that stress is the last thing that you need if you have diabetes as this does kooky things to your blood glucose and doctors are on to us daily about stress release.

Did you also know that working under fluorescent lights and not getting at least 20 minutes a day of natural sunlight can depress you?

 Here are small that can make a difference to your diabetes health:

  •  Finding a bargain
  • Watching a couple of elderly people hold hands
  • Breaking out in song when your favourite song comes on the radio
  • Getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets
  • Someone giving you a compliment on looking great
  • Acknowledgment from a boss or a colleague on a job well done
  • Walking along the beach feeling the sand between your toes
  • Putting on an old pair of jeans that do up without effort
  • Finding money in a shirt pocket or pants
  • Throwing back the curtains and it is a beautiful sunny day
  • The look on your dog’s face when you put your running shoes on and he knows he is going on a walk
  • Hug or a kiss from someone that you love

Diabetes HealthAs you can see these things cost basically nothing and mean so much to your overall health there are so many things that we get drawn into that we don’t need and can alleviate more stresses in our life.  They are energy zappers and they literally are mentally and physically draining.

For me as caring and as passionate as I am there are those that can milk that to the max, and it is correct saying with age comes wisdom and perhaps some of you may relate to my story and that is I have a number of friends some that I have known for a long time and out of my circle of friends there are a few that I have had to cut the ties with as they were playing havoc with my diabetes health.

Select your friends wisely for better diabetes health:

I would listen when they called on all of their problems giving what I thought good advice and sensible approaches from romance to family problems.  They would fleetingly ask how I was going (not really wanting to hear) and then I would not hear from them again until the next major problem happened in their life.

This would turn my world upside down as I tried to find solutions and continued to give advice and in some instances the same problems would appear again and again.  This would of course stress me affect my blood glucose – I was my own worst enemy.

This is when I took a long hard look at the friends that I had and found the emotional drainers were only associates not really friends.  They were not there or were too busy when I was having trouble with my diabetes the associates only wanted to drain my resources and not give anything back.

I made an executive decision and decided to free myself from the people that were the emotional drainers and I didn’t return calls and you know that I have never felt better since I made that move.

Every day I look at ways to don’t worry be happy and take my happy pills through the simple things in life that just make me feel plain good and help with continued diabetes health!



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