Insulin Pens

Insulin Pens

Insulin PensIf you are a type 2 diabetic, you are likely already aware of insulin pens and what they can do for you and your blood sugar levels when you need it for a dose. For some people, the lantus solostar insulin needles and pens are used when they are on the go, traveling or away from home to prevent an emergency. On the other hand, there are patients who use the insulin pens as their daily injection tool for convenience. There are two basic types, the disposable insulin pens and the reusable. Each has adequate amounts of insulin in them but each requires a different type of maintenance. For a reusable insulin pens before you leave home or use it, it is important to refill the insulin cartridge. This gets used every time the needle is injected and needs to be changed each and every time for reuse.

Which type of insulin pens are best?

Now, the disposable insulin pens are used once and then thrown away. As you can imagine this is much more convenient than loading a new insulin cartridge and making sure you have these cartridges on hand. The difference is not only with convenience but price as well. The disposable insulin pens are more expensive because of their level of convenience. When choosing the right insulin pen for you, you will want to consider convenience as well as brand. Although the lantus solostar insulin pens are one of the most popular on the market today it is not the only one to consider though. You will want to consider the availability of needles and syringes as well to make an informed decision.

After you have been diagnosed with diabetes and understand that insulin injections will become a part of your everyday life it is important to do your homework when it comes to choosing the right insulin pen for you.

Important decisions you need to make re insulin pens.

1.    You want to be aware of how many units of insulin the pen holds when it is full
2.    The availability of needles, syringes and cartridges is important to be aware of
3.    Can the dose of the pen be adjusted and if so into how small increments?
4.    It’s important to be able to tell how much insulin is left in the pen after use and how the pen tells you is essential
5.    Pay attention to the materials the pen is made of and how it is styled or created
6.    The size of the numbers on the pen can help you either see the amount of insulin left or they are too small to see
7.    How much strength is needed to operate the pen? Is it easy to use?

Insulin PensWhen reviewing brands like Lantus Solostar insulin pen and Novo Nordisk, it is important to go through this checklist of important factors, this decision is essential for your health. For many people, choosing between disposable and reusable has mainly to do the cost factor. It is much more affordable to choose an insulin pen for when you are away from home and use a bottle of insulin and a syringe for at home. Through certain health care companies you may be able to get your insulin pen, insulin pen case and other accessories at a discount price but this is not always the case and limited time offers end and you are stuck with a bill you may not be able to afford.

If you’ve considered using an insulin pen for your days away from home, consider the incredible conveniences that come with the product like:

1.    Time saving because the insulin is ready to go, no need to draw it up through a syringe
2.    Extremely convenient because it can go anywhere with you
3.    You can set an accurate dosage so you are always on top of your diabetes

On the other hand there are many reasons why people are hesitant to try an insulin pen:

  • More expensive
  • At least 2units of insulin is wasted when the pen is primed for injection
  • Not all insulin types are available in pen form
  • You are not able to mix insulin types like you can with a bottle and syringe at home

As you can see, there are just as many reasons not to use an insulin pen as there are to use them. For the majority of people they are perfect for emergency situations and they go home to their needles and syringes. Speak to your doctor about insulin pens and make the right decision for your health condition as well as your lifestyle needs. Diabetes can be simple to live with when you have the right insulin pens.


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