Maltitol Diabetes | What is Maltitol, Is It Sugar Free?

Maltitol Diabetes

Maltitol DiabetesAre you familiar with Maltitol diabetes? First, Maltitol is one of the latest cutting edge creations in terms of a sugar substitute. As you know, when you are diagnosed with diabetes, it becomes essential to monitor your sugar intake. If you are interested in eating some your favorite recipes than you need to find sugar substitutes.

There are many different sugar replacements on the market today and it can be hard to know which ones are good for you and which ones are causing you more harm than good. Within this article we are going to discuss Maltitol so you know all the facts before bringing it into your home.

When you are diagnosed with diabetes the two main things you want to focus on are your weight and your blood glucose levels. First and foremost, Maltitol diabetes tastes like sugar! This is essential when you are searching for a sugar substitute you want the flavor to be right. With this being said, Maltitol absorbs slowly in your system.

Maltitol Diabetes Info:

Maltitol Diabetes For a diabetic this is a great factor. This means that the sugar substitute does not negatively affect your blood sugar levels. By the time the Maltitol is completely absorbed your levels have not moved. It is also quite low in calories at 2.1 calories/gram versus 4.0 for the real sugar. Half of the calories make a big difference in your diet.

As a diabetic this artificial sweetener is great news! This means that you can enjoy your favorite desserts and baked goods without having to worry about the sugar intake. Depending on the severity of your diabetes, it may be wise to speak with your physician before deciding whether Maltitol is right for you and how much of this should be included in your diet.

One of the biggest mistake diabetics make is they begin to indulge too much into these artificial sweeteners and this can create problems as well. A well balanced diet never includes too many desserts and high calorie foods, whether they are made with Maltitol or not.

With this being said monitor your diet carefully and when it is time to treat yourself this is when Maltitol becomes your best option. In order to really reduce the calories of your desserts remember to substitute the white flour for whole grain flour as well to help reduce the carbs you are in taking as well. Maltitol diabetes is a combination we are going to see a lot of in the future!


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