Management of Diabetes

Management of Diabetes
Email of Diabetes through weight loss will enable you to reduce your haemoglobin A1c.  With the everyday testing of blood on your blood glucose meter this only gives a snap shot of how the blood glucose level is at this particular time with the A1c test will give a history of what is happening to your blood glucose level over a given period of time and inform you if you were not in control of blood glucose the test will be able to pin point how long this has been happening.

For the management of diabetes when you have either type 1 or type 2 diabetes this test is recommended to be performed 4 times per year.  If you are presented with a good haemoglobin A1c result this is very motivating for the diabetic who knows that they on the right track with managing their diabetes.  If on the other hand the result of the test was poor it alerts the patient to immediately to be more in control of their diet.

Management of Diabetes When Conceiving

The A1 test is the right test for a diabetic who is thinking of conceiving as when she knows that her blood glucose levels are under control and have been over a period of time this gives the patient the green light to try and conceive.  On the other hand a bad result will indicate to delay pregnancy until she is retested, as this will avoid the risks involved of possible foetal deformities.

What Is Normal in A1c Result?


Recent studies show that a normal haemoglobin A1c levels are around 6% (keep in mind some normal values may change from lab to lab).  A normal haemoglobin of less than 6% corresponds to a blood glucose of less than 6.6 mmol/L while a fair haemoglobin A1c of 7 % shows an aver blood glucose of 8.3 mmol/L.

What all this means is that recommendations is to take action to control the blood glucose if the haemoglobin A1c is 8% or greater.  Monitoring will be required between 6-7% with the goal is to achieve less than 7%.

There are more pros by keeping normally weighted and regularly having A1c test to keep in the normal range this allows you to have a greater control on both long term and short term complications of diabetes.  Also with weight loss it will improve your management of diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels which in turn give you a better quality of life with your management of diabetes.





Management of DiabetesSuccessful Management of Diabetes Starts With Weight Loss


I say this without a shadow of a doubt that without modifying behaviors it will be impossible to manage diabetes and you will continue to return to bad habits and gain any weight that you have lost and this is disastrous for anyone trying to control blood glucose levels.

As motivation I have weighed out the amount of weight that I need to lose and lift the bag carrying the weight.  Over the period of weeks this bag will become lighter.

You will need to work hard at doing this exercise every week and the goal is to conquer a habit a week until they have all been achieved and you have now replaced negative behaviors with your new positive habits.

Management of Diabetes with Positive behaviors


  • Never eat in front of a TV and get into a habit to eat meals at a table
  • Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls
  • Don’t buy high calorie sugar or fatty foods and certainly don’t make them for your family who can do without these as well
  • Set realistic goals for yourself and ensure you reward in other ways other than food
  • Do not clean up the kids plates
  • When shopping only buy from list no extras should make it into your basket
  • At restaurants order dressings to the side or only ask for a squeeze of lemon
  • No alcohol or bread

In conjunction with the above behavior modification you will need to sit down with a dietician or doctor to discuss how many calories you will need each day to lose weight.

The dietician or will discuss with you a weight that is achievable and taking into consideration your age, height, sex, and the amount of exercise you perform on a daily basis calculate what calories you will need each day to lose weight.

Next Step

Now you should be aware of the weight you need to lose to bring your glucose blood levels down you will also be told how the calories will be spread through your entire day counting carbohydrate, GI, protein and what combinations are necessary for optimum health.  Once this is all worked out you should start to feel more in charge of the management of diabetes and ready now to work on get the excess weight off.

Be honest with yourself and prepare your mindset to lose the weight that you need to lose.

  • Weigh only once per week.
  • Use a food diary to help you keep on track.
  • Measure yourself as sometimes what doesn’t show on the scale will be shown in inches lost and this will keep you motivated.
  • Don’t look at the total weight loss that is needed break this down to small goals – the first one may be to lose 5-10 lbs
  • Need to start exercising starting off with a short walk

Get the encouragement of family and friends behind you as the more support you have the easier this will be for you to stay with the weight loss plan.  Ask friends and family if they mind you bringing your own food along to dinner parties or BBQ’s by doing this you are making a statement that you plan to follow your weigh loss goals.

Your friends and family can help you by coming with you on a walk or take your own dog for exercise, as he will benefit from this as well.  If you don’t own a dog borrow a dog from a neighbor.

Management of diabetes depends on you being in charge of the situation to lose weight if not the road ahead will be rocky when it comes to your health in the future.


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