Medical ID Bracelets For Women

Medical ID Bracelets For Women

Medical ID Information Bracelet Gold Plated 8"There is no reason that a lady cannot wear a lovely piece of jewelry that doubles as a medical ID bracelet for women. The choices are unlimited, from beads to leather wristlets, 14 carat gold, surgical stainless steel (aka as “marine grade” which is hypoallergenic and very resistant to corrosion due to chloride) and even rubber.

Women have the ability to select something formal, casual or sporty – something for every occasion. Some companies that specialize in this life saving type of jewelry even make bracelets that are inter-changeable for your every outfit.

It should be obvious as to why a person should wear a medical alert bracelet, but let’s reinforce the fact that is poses as your voice in the emergency case that you are rendered unconscious or lose the ability to speak clearly. There is no excuse not to war a fashionable piece of jewelry at all times if can save your life. By NOT wearing it – you have opened the door to a misdiagnosis of your health condition in an emergency situation.

The AMA (American Medical Association) deems people that have hidden medical issues to wear a medical alert ID on their wrist and medical technicians are trained to look for the symbol that will indicate proper treatment. First responders are trained to check a person for Medical ID jewelry (from head to toe) – necklaces and bracelets are most common, but anklets are also becoming popular.

Conditions & Diseases for Wearing a medical ID Bracelets for Women:

Allergies (medication such as Penicillin; or food as in peanuts; or insects, such as the sting of a Bees),
Heart Disease (and if you wear a pacemaker),
Multiple Sclerosis,
Lung Disease,
Bariatric Surgery,
High Blood Pressure,
Children with Special Needs (for example: Autism)
Blood Disorders
Blood Thinners (i.e. Coumadin, Warfarin)
Emphysema/Breathing Disorders
Vision or hearing impairment
Kidney Disease
Sickle Cell Anemia

Medical ID Bracelets For WomenA discussion with your health care professional can assist you in deciding exactly what to have printed on your personalized ID bracelet. If you keep your emergency phone numbers, list of your medications and/or a medical card in your purse or wallet; it might be easier to just have something like “SEE WALLET” or another type of quick message that will direct your emergency medical team where to locate the valuable information needed to administer proper treatment.

Medical ID bracelets for woman now give the option to wear a discreet piece of jewelry that will alert worldwide paramedics to act quickly and appropriately to your emergency situation.

It is just not for jewelry anymore! There is no longer any excuse for a woman not to wear a medical ID bracelet, necklace, watch or even anklet. The old excuses that they are ugly or area road map to tell others that something is wrong with me, I’m sick or that I am an old lady can no longer be used. These new pieces of life saving jewelry are not only stylish, but can also be quite attractive along with their life-saving capabilities.

I know I would prefer to have my wife, mother or some other female relative wearing one if it was the difference between life and potential death due to late or improper treatment. Ladies let us face it the old excuses will no longer fly, medical ID bracelets for women are not only just that , but can be an attractive accessory.


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