Neuropathy Definition

Neuropathy Definition


Neuropathy DefinitionWhat is a neuropathy definition? It is the third largest organ of the body – the nervous system.  Neuropathy happens to diabetics through poorly managed glucose control with other symptoms noted in the patient is that they smoke and also over 40 years of age.

Typically there are as many as over 40 percent of people that have diabetes that also show some abnormality to the nervous system.  Most diabetics are unaware that they have this problem, as there are little to no symptoms that are associated with the early stages of the disease. In addition,  there are many who simply present diabetes symptoms in men or women who wait until these problems arise efore they seek treatment.

Neuropathy definition as stated in Medline Plus

Symptoms depend on the nerve that is damaged. Symptoms also depend on whether the damage affects one nerve, several nerves, or the whole body.


Tingling or burning in the arms and legs may be an early sign of nerve damage and is a tell tale sign of diabetes symptoms in men and women alike. These feelings often start in your toes and feet. You may have deep pain. This often happens in the feet and legs.

You may lose feeling in your legs and arms. Because of this, you may not notice when you step on something sharp. You may not notice when touch something that is too hot or cold. You may not know when you have a small blister or sore on your feet.


Damage to the nerves can make it harder to control muscles. It can also cause weakness. You may notice problems moving a part of your body. You may fall because your legs buckle. You may trip over your toes.

Doing tasks such as buttoning a shirt may be harder. You may also notice your muscles twitch or cramp. Your muscles may become smaller.

Distal Neuropathy definition explained means:-

a distance from the middle of the body.  It’s believed by doctors that this type of disease is a metabolic disease.
The signs that you may have distal neuropathy, a diabetes symptom in men and women alike, are as follows: –

– The loss of your balance

–  Burning and tingling sensation

– You have stopped being able to feel pain in a certain area or feel temperature change and

– This is through loss of small fibers

– The symptoms to present themselves worsening in the evening

– Described as a burning or tingling sensation

The neuropathy definitions of the disease are probably the biggest worry for your doctor as without you looking down could actually hurt yourself and would not be aware.  The patient who has these symptoms could also be miserable in the evening when she goes to bed and find even the weight or the fabric of the sheet is just too uncomfortable.

And now the good news, the loss of sensation is preventable!   All you need to do is to pay a little extra attention to your feet and by doing this you will avoid the more serious complication of loss of sensation and the neuropathic foot ulcers.

With people with this disease what can happen, as they don’t feel their feet is under pressure a callus will form and under continuous pressure this will soften and break down and cause a leg ulcer.  If left untreated the ulcer becomes infected and it spreads until the doctor faces amputation in order to save the patient.

Finally the distal neuropathy treatment starts with the best possible glucose control and ongoing foot care.

Since I have explained what neuropathy definition means you are in the drivers seat to keep yourself as healthy as possible.




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