Pre Diabetes – A Win Win Situation

Pre Diabetes

Pre DiabetesPre Diabetes is a wake up call for anyone that has sat opposite the doctor and heard the words “you have signs that you have diabetes.”  As you look back at him still dumb founded trying to take in the words that you have heard and what does it all mean.

These exact words from the doctor are said on a daily basis which is alarming to anyone.  Research has shows around about 8-10% of the world population has been diagnosed with some form of diabetes.  This is a real health care concern.

Health Risks leading on from Pre Diabetes

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with other diabetes organizations all agree that people with pre-diabetic conditions have a higher risk already for heart attacks and strokes.

The story is more grim for anyone that is unfortunate enough who have full-blown diabetes as this could present other risks including kidney failure, foot problems, loss of sight and higher rates of cardiovascular disease.

Australians have long followed trends by the Americans whether it is TV shows, fashion etc let’s not follow where their diabetic trend is leading them.

“The health care burden in Medical bills for diabetes treatment has surpassed $174 billion a year,” according to the CDC.  This works out to be around $566 per year for each man, woman and child.  The health care system is already groaning with this figure which is set to rise if we don’t do something quickly about pre diabetes leading to full blown diabetes.

We really do have a win win if we are told we have pre diabetes as if only we can help more people eat right and do some form of physical activity daily.  As CDC reports “95 percent of new diabetes cases are Type 2, the type that typically appears in adulthood and is largely preventable when people are able to avoid unhealthy weight gain and obesity.”

How can employers help prevent pre diabetes:

Pre DiabetesBy making subtle changes in the workplace the employer can help keep workers healthy and help avoid both pre diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.  Giving healthier choices in the workplace will keep them well and limit the time that they have off sick for any diabetic related illness.

As in canteens and tuck shops in schools parents demanded to “stop the junk” being served as kids were opting for unhealthy choices instead of making healthy choices.

At work tips:

  • Look at what is in the vending machines scattered around the work place, they are normally filled with sugar and fat items.  Swap these for healthier foods.  Such as nuts, health bars (low sugar content) and fruit.
  • Morning teas happen all the time in the workplace, look for healthier dips, fruit platters.  What I have encouraged is a cook off between teams to bring healthier foods to morning teas.  This has worked well with teams swapping recipes.
  • Bring joggers to work push away from your desk and either walk at lunchtime on your own or win a friend.If the weather is not great do the stairs.  Start with going up and down one flight of stairs and gradually build on that.
  • Take your lunch to work.  Prepare your food the night before or do what a few of people from my work have done buy bulk for the week, a whole loaf of bread, salad and various meat fillings.This will be enough for them for the week and rather than pay $6-$10 per day they only end up paying a few dollars per day.

As we know all diets starts on a Monday don’t follow suit start today to avoid going down the road of becoming either pre diabetes or having the news you have diabetes type 2.


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