What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

What Is Type 2 Diabetes

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?If you have ever asked yourself “what is type 2 diabetes?” I will give you lots of solid information in order for you to be more aware what symptoms to be aware of in order for you not to be a candidate for diabetes as well as type 2 diabetes causes.

Typically when people ask what is type 2 diabetes?  Normally the person could be around 40 years of age or older.  And at first you may not notice any of the symptoms, as they are so subtle that it may take many years for the diabetes symptoms to manifest and for you to notice any real change.  The niggly symptoms that you may experience are hard to describe as they may come and go over time until such a time the symptoms become troublesome enough for you to feel a visit to the doctor may be warranted for further investigation.

Let’s look at first some of the symptoms that may alert you to something that is not quiet right and to make this easier I will put this is dot point in order for you to quickly browse.

What is diabetes type 2?

  • Simply being tired as your cells are not receiving enough glucose that they need.  Even though your body is producing plenty of insulin your body has become resistant.
  • Eye troubles, such as blurred vision and this happens as the eye lens swells and then shrinks back adjusting to the rise and falls of your glucose levels and as a consequence your eyes can not adjust that quickly to the changes in the lenses.
  • Let’s look at obesity and I am sure that you have heard the link between obesity and diabetes.  If you are obese you are considerably a better candidate for type 2 diabetes than someone that is maintaining their ideal weight.  Mind you not all people that are obese contract diabetes so being overweight is not the only indicator for diabetes.
  • Itchy genitals as yeast infections love the high glucose environment, as you squirm and scratch with the discomfort of a yeast infection this alone could be the deciding factor to get you to visit your doctor.
  • Feet or legs that are numb if you have this complaint it could mean that you have had diabetes for awhile as this is a condition of diabetes call neuropathy and usually to get to the stage of numbness it has taken a gradual period of up to five years.

If you have found yourself asking what is type 2 diabetes then I will also explain in a few dot points the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 as the symptoms can be similar for example the high blood glucose level.

What is type 2 diabetes and how it differs from type 1 diabetes?

  • A common trait of type 2 diabetes is obesity while those that have type 1 diabetes are normal weighted
  • You may discover you have diabetes around 40 years of age or older whereas type 1 will be somewhat younger.
  • Symptoms of type 1 diabetes will be more severe whereas type 2 can go unnoticed over many years

“What is diabetes type 1” you ask . . . but after a thorough examination from your doctor he could of by now revealed that you do have type 2 diabetes. And at this stage you are a little shocked and curious to find out what is type 2 diabetes all about?

Over the years doctors have discovered a lot about diabetes and know that diabetes is a genetic disease that is inherited and runs through families.  If you look back through your own family you will be able to no doubt identify other family members that have had this diabetes and maybe also be able to identify type 2 diabetes causes in your family.

As discussed we now are aware that diabetes type 2 is genetic but there are other triggers that come into play such as obesity and lack of any exercise that can kick off the disease.  It is known that people with type 2 diabetes are insulin resistant before they became obese or couch potatoes that don’t exercise.  Combined factors such as your age, poor diet, obesity and not exercising at all combine to kick off type 2 diabetes.

How to avoid type 2 diabetes:

It is researched that type 2 diabetes is running riot worldwide and at present there is over 150 million people diagnosed with this disease. This scary number if current trends remain the same is estimated to double to 300 million in around 12-15 years time.  What is worrying that half of the people that have the disease will not be aware that they have diabetes.

With this thought the levels of obesity are increasing and the amount of daily exercise is declining rapidly – these are two very important type 2 diabetes causes.  Here are two lifestyle changes that can be easy to implement and either delay or even possibly prevent diabetes type 2.  If those individuals can make simple changes to:

  • Get their weight under control by reducing calories
  • Keep moving and do some form of exercise daily

These simple modifications to your lifestyle will mean perhaps you will never have to ask, “What is type 2 diabetes is about?”





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