Women and Diabetes – Womens Health Problems

Women and Diabetes

Women and Diabetes Women and diabetes facts will be covered in this article I will endeavor to cover the problems that may arise from long standing diabetes from a female point of view.  Covering some of the more common diabetic female sexual problems that diabetics may be faced with or experience at some point while they have diabetes.

Typically some of the symptoms women and diabetes experience are also present when women go through menopause in particular dry vagina and irregular periods looking at the symptoms menopause must first be dismissed.

 Women and Diabetes – Women’s Health

  •  Re-occurrence of yeast infections such as thrush with make intercourse uncomfortable
  • Due to the high blood glucose levels you may experience both dry mouth and dry vagina which also can make intercourse painful
  • If your blood glucose levels are out of control your periods may become irregular or non-existent
  • As type 2 diabetes is associated with obesity you may feel unattractive or undesirable
  • Feeling though that you are embarrassed to discuss these feeling and symptoms with your partner or medical doctor and not know what to do
  • Bladder control maybe evident especially if you have neurogenic bladder
  • Lack of oestrogen which is responsible for reduced vaginal secretions which affects easier entry for the penis.

 Solutions for Women and Diabetes:

Many women who suffer from lubrication problems medicate themselves with over the counter preparations which are either one of the 3 methods that I will mention below with mentioning the first preparation though it is not a good choice of product due to the possibility of bacterial problems.

  • Petroleum based lubricant
  • K-Y jelly which is water based
  • Oil based lubricant such as vegetable oil

Women and DiabetesAll of the choices really boil down to personal preference with water based product the safest if using a condom and the easier to clean up.

With estrogen there are a few choices of either taken the drug by mouth or used as a pessary which is inserted into the vagina.  Reports from many women going through menopause have been pleased with the relief of symptoms that this drug has given them.

With interpersonal relationships you may decide to have further discussions with a counsellor and he may prescribe antidepressant medications which could also dry the vagina – this should be discussed with the counsellor at the time of your appointment.

Another consideration you may also consider is to see a sex counsellor with your partner.  This type of counselling has helped numerous couples who have then go on to better understood each other and have then been able to heighten their sexual pleasure with finding solutions around their problems.

Women and Diabetes problems are mainly revolve around the careful monitoring of blood glucose and if this is under control can either slow down or prevent these type of complications that have been mentioned in this article.  In another article I will cover pregnant Women and Diabetes.


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